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South Cadbury and Sutton Montis Parish Council
Sutton Montis Village Hall

Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

The documents listed below can be downloaded as pdf files. They are also available from the Parish Clerk.


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
22/05/2025Annual Parish Meeting  
15/05/2025Annual and Full Council Meeting  
20/03/2025Full Council Meeting  
16/01/2025Full Council Meeting  


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
21/11/2024Full Council meeting
19/09/2024Full Council meeting
18/07/2024Full Council meetingAgenda 18/07/2024
16/05/2024Annual Parish Council meetingAgenda 16/05/2024Minutes 16/05/2024 (Unapproved)
16/05/2024Full Council meetingAgenda 16/05/2024Minutes 16/05/2024 (Unapproved)
15/05/2024Annual Parish MeetingAgenda 15/05/2024Minutes 15/05/2024 (Unapproved)View Reports
21/03/2024Full Council meetingAgenda 21/03/2024Minutes 21/03/2024View Reports
08/02/2024Extraordinary General MeetingAgenda 08/02/2024Minutes 08/02/2024
18/01/2024Full Council meetingAgenda 18/01/2024Minutes 18/01/2024


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
11/12/2023Extraordinary General MeetingAgenda 11/12/2023Minutes 11/12/2023
23/11/2023Full Parish Council meetingAgenda 23/11/2023Minutes 23/11/2023
19/10/2023Extraordinary General MeetingAgenda 19/10/2023Minutes 19/10/2023View Reports
21/09/2023Full Parish Council meetingAgenda 21/09/2023Minutes 21/09/2023
25/07/2023Full Parish Council meetingAgenda 25/07/2023Minutes 25/07/2023
26/06/2023Extraordinary General MeetingAgenda 26/06/2023Minutes 26/06/2023
08/06/2023Extraordinary General MeetingAgenda 08/06/2023Minutes 08/06/2023
18/05/2023Annual Parish Council meetingAgenda 18/05/2023Minutes 18/05/2023
18/05/2023Annual Parish MeetingAgenda 18/05/2023Minutes 18/05/2023
18/05/2023Full Parish Council meetingAgenda 18/05/2023Minutes 18/05/2023View Reports
16/03/2023Full Parish Council meetingAgenda 16/03/2023Minutes 16/03/2023
12/01/2023Full Parish Council meetingAgenda 12/01/2023Minutes 12/01/2023

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